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20000 square meter factory building Over 300 employees EU ISO+CE dual certification

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Hardware turning

200 CNC lathes of various sizes, including a center moving machine and a tool moving machine. CNC lathes are high-precision and high-efficiency machine tools that can complete various machining processes such as turning, milling, drilling, and tapping. The advantages of CNC lathes include fast processing speed, one-time processing of complex parts, automatic feeding, and automatic shutdown after material completion.

Professional processing of copper aluminum steel turning parts, with a minimum precision of 0.01mm, including pin type, nut type, roller type, irregular type, connector plug, etc.

Metal stamping

20 high-speed stamping machines with a tonnage of 100-150. The advantages of high-speed stamping machines include fast operation speed, high accuracy, energy conservation and environmental protection, safety and reliability, etc.

Specializing in the production of various stamped terminals, spring connectors, and electronic components, suitable for electrical connections such as signals, ground wires, antennas, etc.

Plastic injection molding

We have an experienced professional technical team to assist in mold design, manufacturing, and assembly by fitters. We provide comprehensive mold processing services from milling machines, grinding machines, wire cutting, EDM, precision carving, and CNC machining processes.Advanced equipment, efficient processes, and excellent team ensure the completion of high-quality plastic molds within 15 working days.

50 injection molding machines, including Yizhimi and Jiaming machines, meet various mass production needs.

The 280 meter long automatic three coating and three baking oil spray line ensures high and stable product production.

About Us

In May 2010, Triumphy Electronics Co., Ltd. was established, located in Longcheng Jinshan Industrial Zone, Longmen County, Huizhou City, engaged in hardware and plastic mold design, molding, production, assembly one-stop supporting, with a total of 300 injection ,punch & lathes, advanced equipment,  Total investment of 150 million yuan RMB, the existing staff of more than 300 people, including technical personnel more than 100 people, the annual output value of 200 million yuan RMB, the main molding injection  motor rotor, stator, skeleton, gear, blades and other motor surrounding plastic parts, automotive plastic connectors, electronic products plastic shell.  

In December 2004, Guangzhou Yuanwei Industrial Co., Ltd. was established, located in Zengjiang Town, East Science and Technology Park, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou City, 5 acre of land purchase, self-built plant 20,000 square meters, specializing in portable electronic products R & D, production and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises. The main products are electronic cigarettes, smart wear, smart home, security products, medical beauty equipment and so on.  After years of development, has set up a hardware department, plastic department, with product design, mold, accessories, SMT, assembly and so on.  Hardware Department focuses on copper aluminum steel CNC turning parts, POGOPIN connector, industrial connector product...

Clients:Honeywell, AVIC Optoelectronics, Lixun, Xiaomi, Delta, etc.

Philosophy:Innovation, integrity, continuity and sharing

Policy:Continuous improvement and quality first

Culture:Employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction


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Industry News

2023-03-10What are the advantages of common plastic shells

The advantages of plastic casing include: 1. Higher safety: metal is conductive, while plastic is insulated, greatly improving the safety caused by electric leakage. 2. Lighter weight: The density of plastic is only about that of metal, which greatly reduces the weight of the product and is more economical for transportation. 3. Simple molding【More】

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Research on the Causes of IC Label Failure

Research on the Causes of IC Label Failure

Research on the Causes of IC Label Failure

Introduction to knowledge related to wire connectors

Introduction to knowledge related to wire connectors

Introduction to knowledge related to wire connectors

Introduction to the basic performance of commonly used connectors

Introduction to the basic performance of commonly used connectors

Introduction to the basic performance of commonly used connectors


Q:Methods for repairing plastic molds
A:Plastic molds have been used for a long time and will inevitably encounter various problems. Therefore, improving the service life and accuracy of plastic molds, as well as shortening the manufacturing cycle of molds, is a technical problem that most enterprises urgently need to solve. Of course, during the process of improving performance, failure forms such as deformation, wear, collapse, and even fracture may also occur
Q:How many processing methods are there for plastic shells?
A:1. Extrusion molding method: The plastic pallets produced by this method are all assembled. That is, the extruder, head and other equipment are used to extrude the Flat noodles used as the upper and lower panels and the I-shaped connecting plate with compound wings used as the connection support, and then assemble them. The emergence of wood plastic composite materials has promoted the extrusion molding method of plastics